Our Staff

Mike Olmstead, PT
Mike Olmstead As both a physical therapist and Director of Physical Therapy, I couldn’t be more proud of the care we provide at Performance Over Pain. The trust we’ve built with referring physicians over the years and the thousands of people we’ve helped reflect our commitment to providing quality, patient-first therapy services.

Over the years, I have built a team of people who share my philosophy of care. Together, we provide comprehensive care that’s flexible to our patients’ ever-changing needs. It’s a team approach that I know works.
This team approach is also essential for us to maintain the personalized treatment we believe in. We’re a small group, so it’s easier for each of us to focus on you and your needs. Our way takes a little more time and attention than high-volume therapy and rehabilitation, but it’s the level of care we believe in, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Jackie Szymanski, VP of Administration
Mike Olmstead Jackie has been working in the physical therapy field for more than 10 years as an Administrator. She is the Vice President of Administration for Performance Over Pain. She is responsible for all of the administrative aspects of treatment. She will take care of everything from checking patients in, scheduling appointments, answering phones, as well as sending communications to physicians. Jackie also takes care of the billing at Performance Over Pain. She will send out insurance claims, post payments and adjustments, and send out patient statements. If you have any questions please contact Jackie at (419) 872-1914 or by email at jackie.s@performanceoverpain.com.

Kyle Sell, FAFS
Mike Olmstead Kyle is the Movement Specialist at Performance Over Pain. He received his bachelor’s degree in exercise science from Bowling Green State University. He recently completed a 10 month fellowship program through the Gray Institute, and is now a credentialed Fellow of Applied Functional Science. As a movement specialist Kyle provides customized programs for patients to reach their goals of pain free movement. He is also the Freshman Boys soccer Coach at Perrysburg High School. If you have any questions for Kyle he can be reached at (419) 872-1914 or by email at kyle.s@performanceoverpain.com.

Kyle Ganss
Mike Olmstead Kyle works as a Movement Specialist at Performance Over Pain, and has been in the Health and Fitness field for over two years. He has been through an internship in Cardiac Rehab at St. Luke’s Hospital. He has also been in the fitness and sports enhancement field for over two years working at Wildwood Athletic Club. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Bowling Green State University. Kyle he can be reached at (419) 872-1914 or by email at Kyle.g@performanceoverpain.com